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The Law Office of Derrick G. Hamlin, P.C. is dedicated to helping clients protect their civil, artistic and intellectual property rights in Maryland and Washington, D.C.  Our practice areas are civil and criminal litigation, arts/entertainment law, contract drafting, review and interpretation, and other legal needs of artists, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Clients can expect our lawyers and staff to be responsive, attentive and flexible; and to communicate on a regular basis and in a manner that’s easy-to-understand. Because of our small firm setting, one-on-one attorney/client relationships are easier to develop and maintain.

Located in The Court Square Building in the heart of historic downtown Baltimore City, we are adjacent to the Courthouse Complex and Charles Center Metro Station.  We also have convenient meeting locations in Prince George’s County, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Let’s discuss your situation.

{Our Mission}
To provide personalized, high quality legal representation and services to each client.


  • "After being arrested and beaten by the police, Mr. Hamlin won my criminal trial, and then got me more than I ever expected in my police brutality lawsuit.  I hoped for maybe ten thousand, but got 6 figures.  Derrick is the man."

  • "I arrived in the United States from the Caribbean to start my residency and moved to into an apartment that looked beautiful in the pictures, but was a actually a nightmare.  The landlord refused to give me my money back even after the place was condemned.  Angry, afraid, alone in this big city, a friend referred me to HamlinLegal.com and I thank God every day.  He won my case, got punitive damages and fought the appeal.  Professional, thorough, dedicated and caring are some of the words that describe the Law Office of Derrick G. Hamlin, PC."

    Dr. JC
  • "I am an international student and was hit by a Mercedes while in the crosswalk in Washington, D.C. The insurance company offered me a settlement that would not pay all my medical bills. Mr. Hamlin scared the insurance company into settling the week before trial."

  • "When a national bank threatened me with criminal charges and a lawsuit, Attorney Hamlin had my back and met with me, the bank and the police to make sure that I was not charged with a crime or sued."

  • "Derrick Hamlin is the attorney my family turns to in times of trouble. He got me the money I deserved in two car accidents, won a criminal and accident trial for my boyfriend and represented at least 7 family members.  He is our family attorney for a reason."

  • "My business partner and I knew we had a great name and logo for our new business venture, but we were a little apprehensive about the complicated trademark process.  Attorney Hamlin and his team made us feel at ease and in just a few months we became owner of an officially registered Trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  We can’t thank Mr. Hamlin enough and we will definitely use him again."

  • "Getting my brand trademarked by Mr. Hamlin was simple, fast and hassle-free.  The USPTO approved it with no questions and now I feel like a real entrepreneur with the ® mark behind my company name."

  • "Mr. Hamlin sued a Maryland agency for injunctive relief for my company and he was able to convince the court to force the agency to do their jobs."

  • "I was blindsided by some unfounded charges that threatened my chance to enroll in seminary.  Attorney Hamlin jumped to my defense and cleared my name.  I didn't even have to go to trial. Thanks to Derrick Hamlin, I am a priest today.  May the Lord continue to bless Attorney Hamlin as he defends those who are in need of a true advocate."

    Father JB
  • "When you are facing life in prison for a murder you did not commit, you have to trust an attorney with your life.  I trusted Derrick G. Hamlin with my life and he delivered at trial.  I nearly cried when I heard not guilty of all charges."

  • "When you are in a situation that could jeopardize your livelihood, please call my attorney, Derrick G. Hamlin.  I was falsely accused of hit and run and other serious traffic charges that threatened my top secret security clearance.  Mr. Hamlin won my case at trial and protected my job."

  • "There is nothing scarier than sitting at a table in front of a jury wondering if you will spend the next 20 years in jail.  Seeing how good Attorney Hamlin was at trial made me feel much better and winning was no surprise.  Hire him or you’re a dummy."

  • "Mr. Hamlin handled several driving without a license cases for me and he has encouraged me to pay off my tickets and get a driver’s license.  He kept me out of jail and now my tickets are paid-off and I am in driving school.  He is a good dude."

  • "I was worried that the situation would be worse than I expected when I was caught with weed and a suspended driver’s license, but having an attorney that knew all the nuances of Maryland law and courts changed everything.  My attorney was fully knowledgeable of my rights and how to defend them.  My attorney was the difference between my rights being respected and ignored."

  • "After sitting in jail for over a month for winning a fight I did not start, Mr. Hamlin and his team were able to get my charges reduced and me home to my family and back in college."

  • "I was arrested in a domestic violence case for protecting myself with pepper spray from my abusive husband.  Mr. Hamlin won my case and I was able to keep my job and children."